We are a club. You need to become member to enjoy our full training. Trial trainings are free, more on this under Trial trainings.

The club fee for members is payable once a year in January and includes the licence of the Swiss Karate Federation (SKF).

Minimum age for members is 18, we are club for adults only.


Working people:                              550.- CHF
Apprentices & Students:               310.- CHF


Entries during the year have to pay upon entry and only the remaining months plus SKF licence.

Passiv members pay an annual fee of 100.- CHF without SKF licence.

The club fee includes three tranings per week and trainings of the Swiss Goju Ryu Karatedo Renmei. Additional training camps are not included and cost extra.

Active members receive a karate passport together with the Swiss Karate Federation, containing all licence stamps and passed exams. The SKF licence is internationally accepted in every Dojo that is part of a World Karate Federation organization.