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We have our summer break from 17. July until 06. August. Our autumn season starts on Monday 07. August.

The big question. Which is the best martial art, the best fight sport, the best Karate-Club?

Am I looking for competition or self-defense? Do I prefer a physical workout which gets me fit or do I just want just to lose weight? Or do I seek mental strength, self-discipline or the way of Budo?

Answers there are many. That depends on your goals, physical abilities, availability or attitude.

The simple answer: the best martial art is the one you love!

In our case: Goju Ryu.


It doesn't matter what you are training. There is always something new to learn. The coolness of Goju Ryu is the variety of possibilities. Although it has its roots in traditional Japanese values and traditions, you can combine it with most modern training methods.

Sports psychology, pure fitness elements or joint locking techniques for self-defense? Name it!


Activate yourself with martial arts

You haven’t done sport for a while? The only thing growing is your weight? Your body is starting to rest and rust? Then it's time to get on the move. Why not a combat sport, which empowers body and mind?

Martial arts are ten a penny and martial art is not equal to martial art! Each has its own rules, techniques and training concepts. Before you opt for one martial art, we recommend you to check out on combat sports. But: the best is still practice. That's why you can test us easily and come by for free trail lessons.

Martial arts and combat styles refer often to the culture from which they originate. In our case this is Japan. Our karate style was introduced in Zurich 1974 at our Dojo by our Japanese master Matsuura Kozo. The connection to Sensei Matsuura still exists today. You don’t know whether you should choose a Karatedojo, Kungfu, Wushu, Taekwondo, Judo, Wrestling, Krav Maga, or Boxing? You could start with the complete "List of all martial arts" on Wikipedia, but this might even frighten you off. Or you read more about our karate style.

Or even better: come, join, train.


Courses vs. Training in a Karate Club

Sport or self-defense courses are usually advertised as short-term offers. How does a karate-club fit into this nowadays?

Our opinion: very well. Why? There is no combat system which can be learned quickly. Your development needs time and shortcuts don't work. A karateclub brings people together and that's what it is about ultimately. A martial art without exchange will not evolve. We all share the same passion, Goju Ryu. Everyone is training in one group, together. We use individual training as break-out sessions, during the group training.

Our training concept is based on long-term success.

We are a karate-club founded in 1972 and the first Goju Ryu School of Switzerland. Martial art styles and martial arts like to refer to the culture from which they come. In our case, is this Japan. Our martial art style was introduced in 1974 in Zurich in our Dojo through our Japanese master Matsuura Kozo. The connection to Shihan Matsuura exists even today.

What you learn here works and is fun.

You don’t need any expensive equipment. Our costs are obscenely cheap. Why? Because we believe in what we do. Karate is spirit first, we don’t want to earn zillions with your sweat. We won’t sell you any purple Lycra dresses or palm the last "must-you have" CD off on you.

Here you get work, sweat and fun.

Exactly in this order. From nothing you get nothing.


Martial arts vs. fight sports

Fight sports puts more emphasis on competition. Martial arts are focused on self-defense and personal development. In reality, both are mixed and find their place in our martial art.

The desire for Olympic glories and the development from martial arts to fight sports has led to very positive, but unfortunately also to negative effects. On the plus side the scientific approach to sport and nutrition, professional training plans and the dynamics of competition.

But unfortunately this comes at a price: loss of diversity and techniques (in competition, only a restricted repertoire of techniques is used), forgetting the origin (Goju Ryu martial arts originated as self-defense Kit) and concentration on an elite.

As a karateclub we focus on martial arts and love to integrate the positive aspects of combat sports, because it pushes our Karate-Club further.