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Our Karateclub has a long standing tradition. We're the not only the first Gōjū-ryū school of Switzerland. We have been founded in the year 1972, which makes us also one of the oldest Karateclubs.


1974 was a milestone for us. Our Japanese master Matsuura Kozo visited Switzerland and had a karate style in his baggage which inspired with round and hard movements.

Shihan Matsuura Kozo, holder of the 8th Dan, started his karate studies with Ohtsuka Tadahiko in 1959 and founded his own Dojo in Tokyo in 1969.


What is a good Karateclub?

A good club is suitable for you and not the other way round. Are you more into competitions or do you practice sport for recreation? Do you want to improve your mental strength and self-discipline or are you more interested in self-defense, fitness or losing weight?

Everything depends on your own goals. The goal of the Shobukan Karateclub: to help you improving with every workout.

Visit and test us, sign up for a trial training.


We build on long-term success. You won't need expensive equipment and our costs are and remain low. The Shobukan is serving substance. We teach you efficient abilities which are functional in emergencies.

Our training is diverse: karate techniques, sports psychology, pure fitness elements or leverage techniques for self defense? Name it!

The name of our Karateclub

Our name Shobukan is a gift from our Sensei to our Karateclub together with the responsibility as Hombu Dojo. This name is traditionally awarded by a Japanese master, to establish a dojo in a new territory and has a deep meaning.

Roughly translated it stands for the «House of estimation of Martial Arts».

尚          武          館