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Our karate style is called Goju Ryu and originates from Okinawa. The DNA of Gojuryu is the in-fight, perfectly designed for self-defense. Goju Ryu Karate brings hard and flexible elements together: hard with shock punches, flexible when defending, all in small space.

Goju Ryu is the style of the Dragon with a multitude of techniques from finger to knee strikes, from throws and choke-holds to joint locks. Goju Ryu Karate was developed with a mix of styles of Kung Fu and Japanese martial arts. Goju Ryu connects you with your energy and makes you active, confident and humble.


Goju Ryu in Zurich since 1974

1974 was the year zero.

Well, at least when talking about Goju Ryu Karate and Zurich or Switzerland. Not that the universe was falling apart. But for us it was a milestone. In this year a Japanese karate master discovered Switzerland, in his bag a Karate style that was not only completely new, but amazingly effective.

At that time Karate was hardly known, if then from B-movies. And certainly no one had heard of a Karate style called Gojuryu before. But the fascination with the dynamic tension of flexible, circular movements and hardness was great.

The Japanese master was called Kozo Matsuura and the gift for the Shobukan was the Karate style Gojuryu. Over the years many dojos spread across Switzerland have followed our example. But since that time the Shobukan Karate Club Zurich is the Hombu Dojo of Goju Ryu Karate in Switzerland, the first dojo of this style. Is just like the Highlander, unfortunately there can only be one.


Why Karate?

To exercise Karate, you need good teachers, no expensive material and also not much space. You can practice Goju-Ryu Karate in group work or sometimes alone, you also do not have to practice countless hours to make progress. As a sport Karate is physically and mentally demanding and balance to everyday life.


Karate is not working?

"Karate is not working against real attacks"?

A quote heard once in a while. Often from persons who have never practiced karate. Why? A misunderstanding that we dissolve like. "Uke" does not mean "block" but actually the opposite. The Japanese word "uke" is a conjugation of "ukeru" meaning "take" literally.

This changes EVERYTHING. Think about it.

No brute force to repel the attack. You will receive the power of the attack (and send it back to the sender)! Our defense techniques are not "blocks", they were never. They are methods for receiving the energy of the attack.


The Meaning of Karate Do

Each student of martial arts is committed to the best possible techniques. But technique alone is not enough to be a good student. It needs as much mental training with respect to morals and ethics, as physical exercise. Mental training means cultivation of character and promote spiritual strength. This brings us further in our development. This has also universal meaning beyond martial arts.

In martial arts, we deal with fights or conflicts between two persons. Through hard training we can achieve harmony in interpersonal relations and thus let our minds rest.

The importance of Do lies in this development. Good teachers is a superior technique and upright personality are essential. They motivate and lead the students to enable them to understand the importance of Do.

Kozo Matsuura