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Karate translates as «empty hand» meaning weaponless defense. Goju Ryu stands for «hard and soft style». The origin of this style is based on ancient forms, which are called kata.

These forms transmit a primordial and raw force which they draw from extremely tense contrasts of round and hard movements.

Goju Ryu was officially founded in 1933 by Chojun Miyagi, but the style was developed much earlier in Okinawa and exported to Japan only after 1930. We have introduced this style in Switzerland with instruction from our Japanese Sensei Matsuura Kozo and promote it since 45 years in Zurich.


The DNA of Gojuryu Karate is close combat, combining hard and soft elements: hard with shocking punches, soft or elastic in defense in close combat distance.

Goju Ryu was invented for self-defense:

pfeil   reduced to essential

pfeil   efficient against attacks

Unlike some martial arts Gojuryu Karate is not limited to attacks with punches and kicks only or blocks with your arms, but uses a variety of techniques, from finger thrusts to knee kicks, from throws and choke-holds to arm and leg locks. This style has been developped from the synthesis of Kung Fu and traditional Japanese martial arts, combining both into something completely new.


Is Karate the right thing for you?


You don't need expensive material and neither much space to excersise, only good teachers.

Karate is suitable for all ages and you can start at any fitness level. When you're young, we require more athleticism and dynamism in addition to proper technique. With higher age, we place more emphasis on a proper execution of precise techniques and efficiency in the movement.

Our focus is on sport for each person. You don't have to practice countless hours to make progress. Karate is physically and mentally challenging at every level as and encourages your self-confidence and your self-discipline. Athletics and fitness take up a great deal of training time, the intensity is adapted to your level. Our level of performance ranges from beginner to semi-professional level. Self-defense is a high priority. We are not a typical tournament dojo, but tournament experiences are possible.

The Meaning of Karate Do

Each student of martial arts is committed to the best possible techniques. But technique alone is not enough to be a good student. It needs as much mental training with respect to morals and ethics, as physical exercise. Mental training means cultivation of character and promote spiritual strength. This brings us further in our development. This has also universal meaning beyond martial arts.

In martial arts, we deal with fights or conflicts between two persons. Through hard training we can achieve harmony in interpersonal relations and thus let our minds rest.

The importance of Do lies in this development. Good teachers is a superior technique and upright personality are essential. They motivate and lead the students to enable them to understand the importance of Do.

Kozo Matsuura